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Winter Clothing Essentials for Toddlers

Winter Clothing Essentials for Toddlers

The cold weather may be here but plummeting temperatures are no match for active toddlers who want to be outside and playing.  Ensuring your littles have a complete winter wardrobe is the difference between a fun season outside in the cold versus a boring season inside with a cold on the couch. While jackets, snow pants, hats, and gloves are obvious choices, your child’s base layers are just as important for ultimate protection. Below is Lilladu’s winter clothing essentials guide for toddlers:

  1. Fleece or Sweatshirt Zip-ups: Two or three should be plenty. These are usually the first items of clothing to be stripped off and thrown on to the floor while playing inside but they help insulate the trip from the car to the outside or the outside back to the car. Thinner ones allow for layering with light jackets while a thicker one can act as a coat. With current car seat recommendations, it can be difficult to keep your little ones protected from the frigid temperatures while still meeting safety regulations but these zip-ups are the perfect solution.
  2. Long Sleeved T-shirts: You can never have too many! Long sleeves give added protection on arms while the thin material allows for easy layering. As an added bonus, the breathability of cotton material reduces the chance of sweating or overheating while indoors.
  3. Fleece-lined Jeans / Leggings: One or two pairs of fleece-lined jeans is perfect, or if your little girl prefers leggings, three or four might be necessary in colder locations. Fleece-lined pants are not meant to take the place of snow pants, but there are plenty of times that this added layer of thicker material will be beneficial in keeping your little ones warm.
  4. Sweatpants: These are great to wear under snow pants for outdoor activities or for just lounging on the weekends. Anyone will little boys know that sweatpants continue to be a staple well into the spring!
  5. Rain Boots with Fleece Liner/Insert: Rain boots are great for the spring and summer but don’t have the temperature protection that’s needed in the winter. Buying a liner or insert for your little one’s rain boots allows for year round use, from puddle jumping to snowman building!
  6. Socks with grips - 4 or 5 pairs of socks are necessary for little ones. Having multiple pairs, with multiple heights is key when protecting tiny ankles from rubbing against boots too. Also, by having socks with slip protection, they can run around inside without falling on slippery floors on days when it’s too wintery outside to go out.


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