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Why My Toddler Boys Only Wear Sweatpants

Why My Toddler Boys Only Wear Sweatpants

Toddler priorities include mostly things we'd rather they not be doing - climbing rocks, jumping in puddles, going face-first down the slide, as well as kicking and throwing everything.

As a mom of two toddler boys, I've learned (and continue to learn) how to embrace these rough and tumble days. I know what makes them happy (said priorities above) and I know what makes me happy (nap time!). So in support of both those goals, I dress them for comfort. Loose and relaxed clothing so that they can conquer and master those gross motor skills they thrive off of. And I'm not sure they would have it any other way - they are through and through t-shirt and sweats kind of boys. They need to move and tight, restrictive layers just aren't for them.

Perhaps America's 'athleisure' obsession has trickled it's way down to our children. Our growing culture of casual is great is the latest and greatest, and I'm in favor. I love to dress up and rock heels, but in my day-to-day repertoire, I aim for comfort as well so I can get down and dirty with those toddlers.

Think it would be different if I had a girl? I don't think so... She'd be clad in sweatpants too. Or maybe rather, leggings. I think a dress and tutu would be a great addition to her wardrobe, as long as some shorts were underneath.


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Of course there is the controversial kid-etiquette where little ones are expected to "dress up" - perhaps at a wedding or nice restaurant. For that, I have my hacks. In the summer it's linen shorts with suspenders; in the winter it's black sweatpants (a touch on the small side is perfect for this too!) paired with freshly cleaned or new sneakers, and a solid henley, cable sweater or soft plaid shirt. 

I know not all jeans are uncomfortable and button down shirts look quite dapper on a little boy, but I still prefer them in sweatpants. Rather than cringe when there is chocolate ice cream dripping onto their shorts (happened yesterday...) or lose my wits when mystery stains pop up (I am very Type A, after all), I'm able to just think, "Let them be little. Let them be messy. This clothing isn't precious and the mud/grass/blood stains may even come out." 

For now, I'm going to postpone the classy clothes for when they are older (grade school?) and let comfort and sweatpants pave the way.

(As a side note, no matter how to dress your kids, Lilladu Exchange has every fashion imaginable.  From sweats that my kids rock, to flowery dresses, button down shirts and khakis. Nothing beats comfortable style for your little and for less.  Order your child’s next wardrobe at Lilladu Exchange.)


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