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Toddler Non Candy Valentine Gift Ideas for Daycare

Toddler Non Candy Valentine Gift Ideas for Daycare

With Valentines Day on the horizon, it’s time to help our little ones show their gratitude for others with homemade cards! Making heart-shaped notes with your child is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy and, as an added bonus, they can be done using arts and crafts materials that are probably already in your home.  


Some times, in addition to these homemade messages little gifts are allowed too.  While chocolates and candies used to be the go-to, many schools and daycares are now requiring allergy-free & sugar-free alternatives.  Not sure what to do? Below are some ideas of playful items and corresponding sayings you can use on homemade cards this year that are sure to be a big hit!


Non-food Valentine Gift & Card Ideas

Play doh  - “Have an a’doh’able Valentine’s Day”
Stickers - “I’m stuck on you, Valentine”
Crayons - “Color your heart out”
Glitter - “You sparkle you shine, be my Valentine”
Pencils & Paper - “I think you are just ‘write’”
Water Color Paint - “Valentine, you make me happy when skies are gray”
Flower Seeds - “My heart has grown because of friends like you”
Stamp Set - “You have left a stamp on my heart”
Chalk “Chalk it up to great friends like you”
Glow Sticks - “Yoda best Valentine”
Dinosaurs - “You are Dino-mite Valentine”
Bookmark - “You wrote the book on being cool, Valentine”
Construction Trucks - “I dig you, Valentine”
Cars - “I wheelie like you”
Bubbles - “you make my heart POP”

Non-candy Valentine Gift & Card Ideas
Squeeze Punches - “You are my main squeeze”
Raisins - “Valentine, you’re the ‘raisin’ I’m smiling”

Goldfish - “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad you are friends with me!”

Lastly, here are some good card ideas for teachers and caregivers:
Burt’s Bees Lipgloss - “Thank you for bee-ing a great teacher”
Coffee Gift Card - “Thank you a ‘latte’, Valentine”


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