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Toddler Fall Fashion 2017

Toddler Fall Fashion 2017

I have always loved the fall except for one part - how difficult it can be to properly dress your child for this season. No matter where you are in the country, the mornings are cool and crisp, by midday it's hot and sometimes windy and just when afternoon outside play is getting fun, the sun starts to set and the warmth leaves rapidly.


Layering is definitely the best option I have found for my children.  I dress my toddler in pants, a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt over that and a sweatshirt.  That way he has options to take off and put back on throughout the day as needed. 


Not only does this add up to a lot of clothing pieces needed for their wardrobe but if your little happens to take off a layer and forget it somewhere like preschool or the park, it's hard to ever get those pieces back and replacing them can cost a fortune.  That's when Lilladu Exchange comes in for the win! Lilladu Exchange offers the same cute clothes you buy for your children anyway but for a fraction of the cost!  Your kids will look equally as stylish with a full wardrobe of your favorite brand names that is guaranteed to meet all your layering needs.  Even better than all the money and time you will save by shopping with Lilladu Exchange is that the next time a Gap sweatshirt goes missing, your heart won't sink thinking about the investment you made into that one piece. Instead you will be happier knowing the entire 12 piece wardrobe your little received in a Lilladu Exchange package cost the same as one brand new sweatshirt.  Now that's called getting an "A" in smart fall clothes shopping. Check out Lilladu Exchange today!


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