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Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

This summer has proven to be another fun-filled travel season with our kiddos, featuring trips out of the state at least twice per month.  In June we travelled from New York to Massachusetts, New Jersey and Chicago; July it was Delaware and Colorado and this month will be North Carolina and Maine. In addition to these recent trips, over the last couple of years, we’ve left the country with our kids and have crossed several time zones - and I know I'm not alone in these travels! It can get hectic, but I stand with the Huffington Post that travel is never wasted on young kids.


Whether it's for pleasure or to visit relatives, traveling with kids can be a positive experience for the whole family! Here is a round-up of travel tips to get you started!


Here are 40 Toy Ideas for your kids while traveling by airplane - because sitting in a seat is a whole lot easier said than done for a toddler! And while you are switching time zones on that flight, here are some suggestions on avoiding baby, toddler and kid jet lag! I also love these airline travel tips - especially #17 haha. 


Whether you are planning a family cruise or taking a road trip, Travel Mama's share some great tips! I also love this very honest piece by Emily Henderson outlining the mistakes she made when traveling with her toddler - I totally agree about NOT scheduling a flight during nap time!


Traveling alone with your kids? Read this


Here are some answers to your most pressing questions about traveling with kids. General travel tips can be found here and Hej Doll has some great insight for international travel. Number two on this list saves me on long trips (gummy bears, anyone?!) and here is some great advice on taking it slow on your travels with kids. 


Staycation in your future? Check out this advice on how to make the most of that time. And with cooler weather around the corner (did I really just say that in AUGUST?!) and family ski trips on the horizon, Pit Stop for Kids has dozens of tips from where to ski, what to pack and how to prep.


Need tips on packing for your trip? Jessica Doll (the packing light queen) shares her Travel Light Method as it applies to her whole family when packing for trips. And Taza, mama of three, shares her packing with kids suggestions here. It's always ironic how little children really need when traveling, but how much we always want to pack for them!


And if you just need a good laugh before you embark on a trip with your children, the ladies at #imomsohard are HILARIOUS.


Children are a lot more flexible than we give them credit for and while traveling with toddlers sounds scary, I truly believe they actually enjoy it. My personal piece of advice is to *try* to be flexible and go with the flow; also, ALWAYS travel with balloons. They take up no space in your suitcase, but are joyously fun for children of all ages once you reach your destination (especially in hotels where there are no toys!); and the best part is you pop them before you leave!


Travel with kids is an adventure for all, but for sure an amazing family experience and very worth the effort!


Do you have any travel tips to share?


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