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The Toddler Summer Bucket List

The Toddler Summer Bucket List

The weather is fine and summer is HERE! I don't know about you, but when I think about my childhood, many of the memories took place in the summertime. Whether summer camp, family road trips or just trips to the local ice cream shop, summer just feels extra special for kids and is certainly where memories are made. To foster some free-range parenting this summer, we developed a Toddler Bucket List - cheers to three months of fun, sun and sunscreen!


  1. Collect seashells at the beach
  2. Stomp in puddles or dance in the warm summer rain
  3. Go on a picnic
  4. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
  5. Watch fireworks
  6. Run through the sprinkler/visit the splash pad
  7. Hunt for four leaf clovers
  8. Eat popsicles
  9. Visit the zoo
  10. Draw with chalk
  11. Pick flowers
  12. Play with bubbles
  13. Go to a new playground
  14. Wash the car
  15. Tour the fire station
  16. Go bird watching
  17. Feed ducks
  18. Visit a farm
  19. Go berry picking
  20. Finger paint

How are you making this summer special for your toddler?!

 Click here to download our summer bucket list

About Joanne

Wife and mother of two boys, Joanne recently moved from suburbia Maine to Manhattan - quite the change of pace and trade of lifestyle! Navigating her way in New York City has provided lots of laughter, tears and confusion for the whole family, but Joanne takes it all in stride and aims to keep the family chaos to a minimum. She loves to spend her days at the park, savors every date night, enjoys time in the kitchen and out shopping,  and possibly spends too much time on Pinterest...



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