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The Mom Guide to a Home Detox

The Mom Guide to a Home Detox

While I shutter at the thought of a juice detox (no thanks!), I love the idea of a home detox. Pre-children I relished in a tidy home. I would spend hours cleaning our 1,000 square foot condo. Now? If I can have 10 minutes to vacuum the living room without running over a child or animal figure, it's a win! That being said, with kids crawling and sitting on the floor all day, I know it's important to keep the house *somewhat* clean (clean enough to eat off of, not likely, but clean enough for your mother-in-law to not think you are slacking, yes!).


Detoxing your home, to me, means reducing your family's exposure to toxic chemicals. Below are some simple ideas to begin your home detox - start small and win big!


Household Cleaners

Making the switch to environmental friendly household cleaners is a great place to start. Not only are these cleaners just as effective as the chemical-rich, they smell a whole lot better! Method is my favorite non-toxic cleaner, but you can also try your hand at making your own vinegar-based cleaner!


Indoor Houseplants

Not only do they look good, but adding plants to your home will filter the air, removing pollutants in such as ammonia and formaldahyde (which can be found in paper towels, fertilizers, plywood and synthetic fabrics!). Keep a plant in every room in your home. I mean, if NASA recommends it, I do it. 


Open Windows

Outdoor air has significantly less chemicals than indoor. Let the breeze in! 


Vacuum Frequently

Household dust is composed of a lot of grossness, so of course you vacuum! But when you do so, open those windows wide and make sure your trusty machine has a HEPA filter.


Beauty Products

There are so many new beauty products on the market that are less toxic and even chemical-free. The options are limitless now and the best part is that the products actually work! Do your research and be in the know the next time your lipstick or face moisturizer runs out.


Be Smart About Plastics

Always seek BPA-free plastic and favor glass packaging.


No Shoes in the House!

With the shoes left at the door, you are less likely to track toxins into your home. 


Know your Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

Pesticides in foods are no joke - not only can they build-up quickly in a child's body, but they also are not as nutrient-rich as their organic counterparts. Keep your bank account happy and know the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen produce items. 


Wash Hands!

Last, but not least - wash those hands! You (and those kids of yours!) touch a lot of things, washing hands with soap and water reduces the amount of toxins your body absorbs. Steer clear of hand sanitizers.


About Joanne

Wife and mother of two boys, Joanne recently moved from suburbia Maine to Manhattan - quite the change of pace and trade of lifestyle! Navigating her way in New York City has provided lots of laughter, tears and confusion for the whole family, but Joanne takes it all in stride and aims to keep the family chaos to a minimum. She loves to spend her days at the park, savors every date night, enjoys time in the kitchen and out shopping, and possibly spends too much time on Pinterest...


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