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The Busy Mommy Workout

The Busy Mommy Workout

Diapers, laundry and fitness?

I don't think anyone ever finds the time to workout, its about CREATING the time. Left on it's own, fitness will not happen, but developing ways to make it happen is on you, Mommy (sorry... just one more thing on that to-do list!). 

When I've worked out, I'm happier and certainly have more patience for the antics the day has ahead of me (was I just seriously yelled at by a 3 year old??). But, with two toddlers running around it is far too easy to put my feet up and sit when I need a break. However, I have learned that if you don't make the time, you won't find the time. So in honor of feeling good and looking great, here are 9 tips on creating time to work out!

  1. Walk everywhere – no really! Walk on your lunch break at work; walk to your local farmer's market; get the kids in the stroller and walk during their nap time (who needs cribs?!); go on walking dates with a friend and let the kids frolic beside you. 
  1. Run alongside your child as they scoot or bike! You exercise, they exercise, then everyone takes a nap (please?). 
  1. Join a gym with a child watch/babysitting program. You'd be surprised at how many gym's offer this service, even if for only 1-2 hours at a time. You drop off your child and hit the cardio and weight rooms - you get a great workout and your kids get some playtime with new friends!
  1. Workout after the kids are asleep. Not glamorous, but it gets the job done! 
  1. The playground workout - you might look slightly crazy, but your toned legs will make all the other mom's jealous! Try squats, lunges, pushups and tricep dips, or play an intense game of tag with your littles - this will also earn you major bonus Mom points.
  1. There's an app for that! I think motivation is a huge aspect of creating workout time for yourself. I love the Nike+ Training Club app for the visual workouts. I have also SERIOUSLY fallen hard in love with Aaptiv- this app is a Mommy's dream. You select a workout and literally have a personal trainer in your ear telling you exactly what to do. I would highly recommend it (plus, if you actually do make it to the gym, this eliminates the "now what?"). There are workouts for all fitness levels, including maternity workouts.
  1. The pre-shower workout is a secret trick of mine. Close the bathroom door, de-robe, but before you are allowed into that steamy shower, you must complete the following: 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 30 crunches, 20 dips and 10 pushups. In less than 3 minutes you have gotten the blood pumping and have squeezed in some toning. 
  1. Make rules for yourself. I call these the "daily find workouts" - when brushing your teeth, you must do a wall sit (it's a long two minutes...); every time you start a load of laundry, do 10 pushups; each time your child asks for a snack, complete 50 jumping jacks. These are the rules and you have to stick to them! 
  1. When all else fails and you NEED that time for a home workout, I see no harm in throwing on the television... sometimes putting on an episode of Paw Patrol is exactly what your fitness regime needs ;-)

How do you make your workouts happen?

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