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Sunscreen Favorites

Sunscreen Favorites

I have a love/hate relationship with the sun. I LOVE it's warmth and brightness.  I LOVE that time spent in the sun gives me some vitamin D, reduces stress and anxiety, and provides so much outdoor fun. But I HATE it's toxic and damaging rays.


Therefore, there is sunscreen and sunscreen really solves almost all my problems... almost. Application is never fun on scrambling children, but we make it work for the love of sun! 


Finding a good, clean and non-toxic sunscreen for you and your family can prove difficult, but after a couple months of applying and weighing the pros and cons, today I share my favorite clean sunscreens. 


Important things to consider in the selection process are mineral sunscreens (over chemical ones which can be hormone and endocrine disrupters), water resistance, broad spectrum coverage, and method of application. Also, if it blends in and doesn't leave my children and I pasty white, it's for sure an added bonus. 


All Good

Organic and reef-friendly, All Good sunscreen is a great brand to be behind. Their sunscreen butter and coconut sunstick are my personal favorites. 



Science-based and leading a charge in the usage of safe materials, ThinkSport is my family's daily go-to for sunscreen. I love the non-smelly smell, that its SPF 50+ and that comes in both large bottles and travel size (TSA friendly!). It also blends like a dream for a mineral sunscreen!



If you're little one has sensitive skin, the Babyganics Sunscreen Stick and pure mineral sunscreen are hypoallergenic and tear-free!



Their mineral sunscreen spray is a lifesaver! I love it for reapplication on the beach when my kids are covered in sand.  Unlike non-sprays, massaging a thick paste onto their sandy legs would be like a deep exfoliation treatment they would NOT enjoy. I spray this and lightly spread - it's great! 



I typically save this sunscreen for myself (sorry, kids!) as its a little pricier, but still so good. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-agers to boot, I always feel good about their safer suncare promise.


I think the sun can get a bad reputation, but when protected, the sun's rays can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. For more information on sunscreens check the EWG's 2017 Guide



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