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Mother’s Day Gifts that She Will Love

Mother’s Day Gifts that She Will Love

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and with it lurks anxiety over what to give that special woman in your life! Whether its your wife, mother, sister, best friend who recently became a mom – whatever the situation may be, she deserves something special… but what? Here are a list of our staff’s favorite Mother’s Day gifts that she will absolutely love.

  • Photos – Let’s face it; women love photos… of other people. :-) Why not give that special women a nice framed photo of your family or even a clear frame with a magnetic backing for their refrigerator. They will appreciate the gesture for sure and with the ability to print photos straight from your phone to be picked up the same day at photo kiosks located all over the country, it takes minimal effort to put together.
  • Flowers and a card – This may seem traditional but sometimes tradition is there for a good reason. Keep it simple and remind the special women in your life how much they mean to you with a personalized card and a bundle of gorgeous flowers they can enjoy for weeks to come.
  • Photo books or calendars – These take a lot of prep work so be sure to start them early but they are well worth the effort. Photo books or photo calendars are great ways to celebrate time together and its sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Purses, clutches, wallets & more – Lets face it – out of anyone, moms tend to be the more frugal and could use some arm luxury. Give your mom a new purse to carry around and she will soon not forget who her favorite is.
  • Kindle – A Kindle is a great addition to any mother’s busy life. Download books and read them whenever they actually have time (so…next year maybe?).  Slim enough to fit in any bag and there is no screen glare, even in sun!
  • Jewelry – This timeless gift is an easy win for any mom. If you are not sure on her style, stick to a nice bracelet, though a necklace with initials of her children such as this one is always a homerun!
  • Fountain of Youth – Women are constantly looking for ways to discover the fountain of youth so why not give the mom in your life a gift that leaves her skin feeling amazing and looking younger than ever? How about a Silk Collagen Facial that will leave her skin looking luminous, ultra-hydrated, and restored from Jen Potter Massage & Skin Care located in Massachusetts. Not located anywhere near by? How about purchasing items such as a hydrating mask she can use at home on her own schedule and a gift certificate to a local spa for a little R&R. Lilladu Tip: Join her for her spa day.  She will enjoy the company and I am sure you will could use a little massage action too.


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