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Minimalism: What Baby Essential Clothes do you Really Need?

Minimalism: What Baby Essential Clothes do you Really Need?

But Really - How many and what baby essential clothes do I need?

From diapers to accessories to furniture (a crib, pack n' play, rock n' play and swing for a human that weighs less than ten pounds?!) your once sleek home now resembles the Babies R' Us furniture department. This arrangement is happily acceptable by you, but you never prepared yourself to have your home partially resemble a laundry mat too.  Is it really necessary for your newborn to have more clothes than both parents combined?

Babies grow FAST, which is why going secondhand with Lilladu is smart. But newborns? They REALLY grow fast. Your precious little bundle may only spend 2-3 weeks in newborn clothing before those pants become capris. 

With minimalism in mind and a washer and dryer you would rather not overwork, let's talk about what you REALLY need for newborn clothing.

8 onesies

This is your basic layer. A mix of short sleeve and long sleeve is preferred, bonus points for the ones with hand cuffs built in (baby, stop scratching your face - it's not good for the 10,000 pictures I take of you a day!). I'm partial to simple white ones, like these Gerber Onesies ($9.99 for a 5-pack). 

5 pairs of socks

Boring, but necessary. Do not let those toes get cold - even in warmer weather.

1-2 hats

So important to keep baby warm! One on their head, and the other likely in the pile of laundry you've been meaning to do all day. Side note for new mamas - hats are not necessary when your baby is sleeping at night.

4 one-piece sleepers

This is what babies were BORN TO WEAR! Light weight but warm, oh how I love them. Buttons are great, but once baby starts wiggling, zippers will make diaper changes faster and easier. From personal experience, I'm a huge fan of the Zip Footie ($18) by Primary - if only they were available for those over two feet tall... 

1-2 sleep sacks

Whether you go the sleep sack swaddle style or armless gown, these are the extra layer your baby will need at night. Halo makes SleepSack Wearable Blankets perfection.

Summer baby? I would add a sun hat. Because it is recommended that children under six months of age not wear sunscreen, a light muslin blanket is perfect for shielding from the sun, but still keeping baby cool. 

Winter baby? A stroller/car seat bunting sack, 3-4 pairs of thick cotton or fleece pants, 2-3 sweaters, warm booties (I love the Newborn Cozie Bootie ($21) by Zutano) and a couple extra pairs of socks should keep your little one cozy.

As for how many baby blankets and spit-up cloths you will need... sorry, Mom, buy in bulk!


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