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Indoor Activities for Kids During the Winter

Indoor Activities for Kids During the Winter

It’s such a blast playing outside in the snow with kids but some days the weather does not cooperate. Here is a great list of activities to do with littles that are perfect for those winter days you are stuck indoors with active toddlers:


Snow Painting

This is a fun way to bring the outdoors in on a cold day. Dilute food coloring with water to create your kids favorite colors to paint with. Place watercolor paper on a cooling rack and place the rack on a baking sheet, to catch anything that falls through. Cover the paper in snow and let kids paint the snow by using the diluted food coloring mixtures, paintbrushes or even droppers. See more details here: (Tip: Have kids wear gloves and aprons to protect from from potential staining that can occur with food coloring).


Play with "Insta-Snow"

Perfect for a day that it is just too cold to play outside.  Simply add water and it creates a snow-like substance that kids can play with and mold like the real stuff! This can be purchased online or at many craft and toy stores.


Make an Indoor Tent or Fort

This is a favorite with a lot of kids.  You can use blankets over a table, chairs or couch and then cover the ground with pillows! Let kids decorate it and even use it as a "reading room" or even pretend they are on a camping trip.  Check out some amazing forts here:


Bubble Wrap

You can buy this in bulk at most craft and office supply stores. Tape a long strip of it down a hallway for hours of energy burning fun!


Indoor Snowball Fight

Give each kid a bucket of rolled up white socks or balls of paper and have an indoor "snowball" fight.


Paint with Ice

Add food coloring and popsicle sticks to ice trays. Freeze and let your littles use these "Ice Markers" to paint with on watercolor paper. See more details and tips here:


Indoor Picnic

Spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic! Let kids even help put it together and decide what you should have to eat!


Make Cards for Relatives

Join your kids in making cards for friends and family. They can make birthday cards, holiday cards or even some just to say hi using whatever art supplies you already have in your house! For added fun, let them hand them to the mailman themselves for delivery!


Hopscotch with Masking Tape

Use masking take to create hopscotch on an indoor floor without causing any damage. You can also make over-sized tic-tac-toe board or anything else you can think of!


Make a Terrarium

Pick up some smaller house plants at your local garden store and a big glass bowl at a craft shop. Let the kids go outside and find some soil and rocks (or if the ground is covered with snow, get some at the garden store).  Put an inch of soil on the bottom of the glass bowl, plant the house plants and add some rocks on top of the soil for decoration, creating a small terrarium. Kids will enjoy watering them, taking care of them, and watching them grow.


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