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How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized with Toddlers

How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized with Toddlers

Having a messy house can be a source of anxiety for many parents and toddlers are amazing at making messes. Instead of continuing the trend, keep your cool and use the following tips to help work smarter, not harder when it comes to keeping your house clean and staying organized even when you have toddlers.


See It, Do It

If there is something out of place, don’t make a mental note and take care of it later. Do it now. Odds are it won’t take long to put it away and then it will be done and off you gigantic list of things to do.

Clean Up Before You Leave

Cleaning up after every activity is nearly impossible with toddlers.  But try to make it a goal to clean up a room before you leave it.  By getting your toddlers in the habit to clean up, it will set the bar and they will be more apt to clean up every time.

Give Yourself 5

After each meal, give yourself 5 minutes to clean up.  Let your children know that they have to play together nicely while you tidy things up.  Not only does this help teach your toddlers independence of you, it gives you a few minutes to focus on cleaning up without having to multitask (for once).

Make it Fun

Toddlers love anything that is considered fun so make cleaning up a game and more than likely your kids will join! Spray a counter and let your toddlers wipe it up or give them a vacuum and let them have at it. 

Make it a Scavenger Hunt Routine

10 minutes before dinner time, encourage your toddlers in a hunt for things out of place.  Out in the yard, in their rooms and all over the house, set a timer and make it a competition to see who can pick up the most! I reward my crew with tickles which reinforces how fun this activity is. After a few weeks, your toddlers get used to the routine of this game and they will start doing it on their own which gives you a few extra minutes to finish making dinner.


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