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How to Keep Organization of Toddler’s Artwork

How to Keep Organization of Toddler’s Artwork

I love seeing my toddler’s artwork.  Its amazing to watch how their fine motor skills better with every passing month and seeing the progress from year to year is astounding!  However, all of these Van Gogh’s can take up A LOT of space, not to mention it can then be hard to figure out when and who made these masterpieces when you have more than one child like us.  I started out with a file folder where I kept each of their important documents but quickly realized this folder was not big enough to handle everything my children needed for their records, let alone for oddly large or round art pieces that never fit very well.  That’s when I decided to create an art piece photo book for each one of my children and I make one each year!  Sounds complicated?  Its not! I promise!

  1. Each time your child brings home a work of art, immediately write on the back what the art piece was about, the date & their name (in case you have multiple artists in your household).
  2. Next, take a white poster board and place the artwork on top of it. The goal is to take a picture of the artwork and the white poster board is helpful in case sizing isn’t exactly perfect for your camera’s lens.  Make sure there is plenty of natural light when you take this photo and positioning it on the floor will allow you to stand directly over the poster board so you get the best angle for the photo.
  3. Save your photo to a shared photo folder set up for each child either on your phone or on your personal computer and rename the file with the info you wrote on the back of the original artwork so all the info is right there.
  4. From there, do whatever you would like with the actual artwork pieces. I display many of them around the house, save some of the best for tangible pieces to hold on to and the rest eventually make it to the garbage (when my toddlers are not looking of course). 
  5. A few days before the end of the schoolyear (so that I still have a few hours of time), I go into my photobook service of choice and download the art piece photos so that I can start putting together their book for the year. Since these files were already labeled, its an easy, peasy book to put together and takes almost no time at all.  After the schoolyear ends, I add the few projects we received in the last week or so of school and TA-DA!!! A year worth of art projects are saved forever in a photobook that takes up minimal space in our house and our kids love to receive these books as gifts and look back on all the amazing projects they completed that year.
  6. Lastly, as your kids get older and the number of art projects they bring home decreases, you can always make a poster featuring tiled photos of their artwork and have this poster framed for their rooms too, as opposed to a photobook.

How do you organize and display your toddler’s artwork? We would love to hear your ideas and inspire our #lovemylilladu community!


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