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How to Help a Sick Friend or Relative Who Have Children

How to Help a Sick Friend or Relative Who Have Children

Sometimes in life people who are close to us become either very ill or need surgery for any number of reasons.  As a good friend, neighbor, relative, etc. it’s easy to want to help them but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is best to do or give.  

If you live within a driving distance from those you love who need some extra TLC, here is a list of simple things you can do:

  • Bring them coffee in the morning
  • Visit during lunch time with food - a time during the day when they may not have help
  • Bring in their mail
  • Put out their garbage
  • Offer to watch their children or drive them to and from school, sports, etc.
  • For additional items, you can make meals, play with their children, help clean, fold laundry, etc. please check out our blog on what to give new moms after a baby as these ideas are definitely useful under these circumstances as well)


With some many great ideas, it can be hard to know what they may need and what might already be covered for them. Send a text, email or even to call them and ask how they are and what they need. In most cases it seems people first respond by saying they are “all set”, not wanting to burden others.  However, if you come prepared for this conversation with these specific items listed above as options they can choose from, more often than not they will appreciate your efforts and will be more apt to receive the helping hand.


Unfortunately there are also times when you are not within driving distance from those that need an extra hand. We have compiled a list of things you can put together and send that say “get well” just as easily, even from afar:

  • Flowers 
  • Comfy pajamas
  • Crosswords and Sudoku puzzles
  • Magazines 
  • Books - send your favorite book to make it extra special 
  • Favorite TV series on DVD
  • Aromatherapy eye pillow
  • Face masks 
  • Nail polish, file and more
  • Lip balm
  • Canned chicken noodle soup 
  • Retail Gift cards - reason to shop online
  • Local restaurant gift cards - this helps especially with takeout or delivery orders 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Travel size tissues 
  • protein bars
  • Nalgene
  • Juice or water with electrolytes 
  • Arnicare
  • Coffee mug
  • Tea 
  • Comfy socks
  • Card games 
  • Homemade cards from your kids 
  • Adult coloring books and pencils 
  • Essential oils and a diffuser 
  • Photo album of happy moments together 

If you found this list of ways to help a sick friend or relative who have children then see our blog on what are medicine cabinet must haves for toddlers and babies.

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