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Happy 1st Birthday, Mommy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Mommy!

Listen, the first year of a baby's life is exhausting. Exhausting! Whether it's your first child, second, third or tenth, the demands of a newborn and then infant are all consuming.

I'm not sure if you knew this secret floating around in Mommy World, but... the first birthday is NOT about your little one - it's about YOU, Mommy! Labor, breast feeding every hour - for months!, diaper blowouts, colicky screams, spit-up on every piece of clothing you own, food flinging, and laundry - it's HARD WORK! But guess what? It's been a whole year and you made it. YOU made it! And your little one is still alive *wink, wink.

So yes, throw that first birthday party. Take the memorable photo of baby falling asleep face first in the cake, have a cocktail and most importantly, invite everyone you know who supported you during this first year. Your little one will have plenty of birthday parties to call their own, but this first one? It's for you!

Congratulations parents on your baby's first birthday - you are a survivor!

Oh, and my favorite 1st birthday party gift for all those celebrations you and your little will get invited to? A large box filled with a dozen balloons and a bottle of champagne for the parents - you know how much a one year old LOVES balloons (better than any other present... literally) and you KNOW how much those parents deserve that champagne toast following the first year of having a child.  Cheers!


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Wife and mother of two boys, Joanne recently moved from suburbia Maine to Manhattan - quite the change of pace and trade of lifestyle! Navigating her way in New York City has provided lots of laughter, tears and confusion for the whole family, but Joanne takes it all in stride and aims to keep the family chaos to a minimum. She loves to spend her days at the park, savors every date night, enjoys time in the kitchen and out shopping,  and possibly spends too much time on Pinterest...



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