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Guilt-free Mommy Desserts

Guilt-free Mommy Desserts

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have a sweet tooth. It kind of feels like a dirty confession.

Clean eating is always the goal. But WOW is it hard as I get hounded for a bowl of Pirate's Booty, cheese slices, and gummy snacks all day. To balance the protein shakes, salads and my cruciferous vegetable intake (cue eye roll), there is the need for a sweet, sweet dessert.

I'm always down for a decadent treat, but sometimes an easy, limited-work, not-too-bad-for-you dessert can hit the spot and I don’t feel as bad devouring it in one sitting. So here are some of my favorite guilt-free desserts!


- Frozen Bananas (dipped in chocolate! Dipped in yogurt!)

Peel a whole banana and cut in half; freeze. Take frozen banana and dip in melted chocolate, yogurt or spread with peanut butter. Roll in chopped nuts, chocolate chips or sprinkles for some added fun. Place dipped banana back in freezer and enjoy once those babies are asleep for the night!


- Frozen Grapes

Something very satisfying about frozen sweet grapes - and beyond rinsing the grapes, there is no prep time on this one!


- DIY Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Essentially frozen smoothies, but on a hot summer evening, nothing beats a popsicle. Throw your favorite fruits in the blender alongside the liquid of your choice - coconut water is a personal favorite. 


Coconut Milk Chia Pudding 

SO good. And so easy.


- Banana Ice Cream

Slice ripe bananas and freeze flat. Once frozen, place bananas in your food processor and blend - add peanut butter, cocoa powder, or nothing at all! Enjoy that banana "ice cream"!


- Black Bean Brownies

My favorite recipe is from Whole Foods - no flour makes for a dense and fudgey treat! 


Chickpea Cookies

Tastes like cookie dough and they are easily made in the food processor! These are literally one of my FAVORITE cookies of all time - guilt-free or not. I ate a whole batch by myself last week... not lying. #sorrynotsorry


- Dates

Can't beat sweetness and bonus of added fiber! I always keep these on hand for a quick treat after lunch or dinner.


- Powerballs (aka Bobby Bites!)

I started making these while nursing my first son and instantly became hooked. I am no longer nursing but still make these regularly! My husband and kiddos also love them. Secret tip: halve the amount of chocolate chips - the recipe is so good, you don't need them all!


What's your go-to guilt-free dessert?


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