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Best List of Gifts for New Moms after Delivery

Best List of Gifts for New Moms after Delivery

Whether you are about to have baby #1 or baby #12 (kudos to you!), new moms can always use a little appreciation and help.  As Baby #3 rapidly approaches for myself, I cannot help but dream of all the wonderful things I could use/ would truly appreciate when that day arrives.  Below I have compiled a list of helpful unique gifts for new moms after delivery that they would greatly appreciate!!

House Cleaning

There is nothing worse than having tons of family and friends arrive to meet your new little bundle and feeling anxiety over how pitiful the house looks but not having the energy to clean right after baby.  Hiring a house cleaner is an amazing gift that any women would breathe easier to have.

Premade Meals

Lets be honest: dinner time is the hardest time of the day because everyone (kids and adults alike) are exhausted from the day and at their wits ends.  The easiest way to put a smile on your new mom’s face is to drop off a premade meal, sparing her the dinner time insanity.  Delivery, frozen, or hot, just out of the oven meals like lasagna, soup, chicken and vegetables and so much more are amazing! 

Laundry Service

Does this even exist? Maybe not everywhere but in the cities, absolutely! Sign up your girlfriend for a laundry service and she will never forget it.  Laundry piles up for everyone but once you have a baby it seems to double for some unknown reason (even though their clothes are so small… go figure).  No laundry service by you?  Bring a bottle of wine, some food, your Netflix account info and let your mom friend sit on the couch and relax while you help out with the laundry.  Best friends never mind their best friend’s helping with laundry.

Gift Certificates for Services

With late night feedings and baby cries that keep sleep at a minimum, it is important that Mom still looks and feels good (despite those temporary circles under her eyes).  Show her you care by offering gift certificates to her favorite places to have her hair or nails done, or even a massage.  One step further – offer to babysit while she goes out to get this all done.


Along the same lines, new moms need sleep and it simply does not exist!  Offer to babysit, and let your new mom friend get a little shut eye.  Its amazing how even a power nap can truly energize someone, let alone a solid couple of hours with of sleep (and a shower of course!).

Girls Outing

Sometimes its really hard for new moms to leave the house after a baby (I know it was for me with both of my children and I am sure Baby #3 will be no exception) but its really important to get back into the swing of things.  Definitely be understanding of this but try and encourage your new mom friend to go out, even just for a quick lunch, sans children.  It is amazing how just a 5 minute conversation with a good friend can put a smile on any women’s face and new moms definitely need that too.  She’s not ready to leave the house?  No worries, bring the date to her or offer to have her and the kiddos over your place.  Sometimes even just a change of scenery can be refreshing.


For all the new moms out there, good luck and congratulations!  If you have any ideas to add to this blog, feel free to comment below!  Remember, once your little hits 18 months, life gets a little easier with Lilladu Exchange. 


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