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Earth Day Smoothie Recipe with Spinach and Fruit

Earth Day Smoothie Recipe with Spinach and Fruit

Earth day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a yummy shake the whole family will enjoy! The taste is incredible and while green becomes the dominate color thanks to the nutrient-rich spinach, it’s taste remains hidden behind to tropical blends of banana and pineapple, leaving your toddlers completely unaware of how healthy this special treat really is. High in protein, fiber, iron, potassium and Vitamin C (just to name a few) this shake is a great addition to any breakfast or a wonderful pick-me-up in he afternoon. Lilladu Exchange Tip: add some whipped cream on top and consider it a dessert! 

1 package of frozen pineapples 

2-3 bananas

2 cups of spinach 

1 package of a vanilla plant-based protein 

1 cup of full fat vanilla yogurt

2 cups of almond milk 

1 cup of ice 


Celebrate Earth Day 2018 on April 22nd by drinking this easy to make smoothie with spinach and fruit. Perfect for moms on the go and toddlers!

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