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Best Toddler Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Best Toddler Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We love this time of year for many reasons but especially because of the opportunities to give to others.  While these acts of kindness can come in many forms, for kids, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren it’s hard to deny their joyful faces when they open up the perfect gift.  But what is the perfect gift? For us moms, that would be a gift that is not too loud, can entertain for hours and easily allows adults to engage in play with them and/or be able to walk away for a few minutes to get simple tasks done without having to worry.  Below are our favorite gifts that our children (and us moms) can’t get enough of and we hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the toddlers in your life.


Moms & Kids Picks for Best Toddler Gifts 2017:


Dolls - Dolls are a favorite, especially for our little girls.  They love to mimic mommy and carry their “baby” everywhere.  Great use of imagination and roll play.


Manga Tiles - These geometric-shaped magnetic pieces provide hours of imaginative and fun play that even adults can enjoy.  Sets come in all different sizes and kids ages 1-5 love building for years with them!


Lego Duplos -Lego Duplos sets are perfect for satisfying building and imaginative play for toddlers.  Bigger than standard Legos and easy to put together, toddlers especially ages 2-5, really enjoy mastering these packages which can include people, animals, cars, trains, planes, etc.


Art Supplies - Seriously this is a parent’s best friend and one of the first things us moms at Lilladu Exchange always request for our children.  Construction paper, washable paints, markers, crayons, etc., stickers, smocks, basically anything in this category (that comes out with water) - you really cannot go wrong.  Kids of every age love to use their creativity and parents love seeing the results.


Cars and Trucks - Great for anyone but especially a favorite for all of our toddler boys.  They love to make revving noises and race their cars around the house.  For extra fun, have them make a garage out of the Magna Tiles and put all their cars inside!


Dress-up clothes - Dressing up like superheroes, police officers, firefighters, princesses and animals is a winner for any aged toddler.  Our kids dress up day after day, pretending, making new scenarios, and saving the day! We keep a box of different costumes readily available for any moment when a hero is needed in action!



Do you feel like your house is over-run by toys and have a case of the "too many toys syndrome" .. check out our blog on non-toy gift ideas for toddlers.

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