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Art Projects for Toddlers are No Match for Lilladu Exchange

Art Projects for Toddlers are No Match for Lilladu Exchange

Don’t you love all those amazing art projects your kids bring home from school? Every time my children come home from preschool, I look forward to seeing what they are learning and proudly show off their comprehension of shapes, colors, numbers, etc. by hanging their artwork around the house.  While I appreciate all the amazing arts and crafts projects that leave memories on paper, unfortunately they can leave a permanent mark on their clothes too.  When covering their brand new sweatshirt or expensive jeans with paint or markers, this artsy keepsake can take my breath away and not in a good way!

That’s when I realized there was another solution.  By purchasing a package through Lilladu Exchange, I can still have my child dressed in the same labels that I love, with clothing that looks new but without the price! In fact, each item of clothing averages only $6 so I won't break a sweat at the smallest stain my little creates. Think about it – for the price of one new sweatshirt, I get up to 12 like-new sweatshirts instead that no one would know the difference because they look perfect… except me! Also, because a stylist picks out the clothes for me based on a quick survey I fill out and ships them directly to my door, I am not wasting valuable time buying clothes, and I still have my kids dressed for any adventure preschool takes them, in their favorite styles and brands.  Bottom line is, let kids be kids; messiness is part of the fun and shouldn’t be an additional burden to you or on your kid’s wardrobe.  Buy your first package today and see what your little Picasso is made of!



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