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Amazing Toddler Bird Feeder Craft Project Your Kids Will Love

Amazing Toddler Bird Feeder Craft Project Your Kids Will Love

Its so nice now that the weather is warming up and our toddlers can be outside the majority of the day.  Crafts that can be done outside area  great activity to keep the day going and keep those little ones entertained and what is better than doing a craft inspired by nature? Last summer a group of us moms got together at a local park and made these amazing Bird Feeders and they were a huge hit with our toddlers!  As an added bonus, most of the items needed to complete this craft can be found around the house too:

What You Will Need:

  • Cardboard toilet paper role tube (if you have a paper towel role, you can cut it in half)
  • Peanut butter (or sunbutter if doing this craft with other toddlers that may have peanut allergies)
  • Birdseed
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon or yarn (2’ long should be perfect for hanging)
  • Scissors



Spread a coating of the peanut butter onto the toilet paper role tube. Next pour some birdseed onto a paper plater and let your toddler roll the toilet paper role tube through the seeds so they stick to the peanut butter and cover the tube.  Then, take your ribbon and thread it through the tube and tie the ends in a knot.  Now, let your toddlers find the perfect branch to hang their bird feeder (preferably near a window), where they can watch every day the fun and colorful birds that come to snack!

We hope your toddlers love this craft as much as our littles did!


Have another nature-inspired craft for toddlers? Let us know! Also, if you try this project, be sure to post online. We cant wait to see the results! #lovemylilladu

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