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30 Unique Toddler Stocking Stuffers 2017

30 Unique Toddler Stocking Stuffers 2017

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to be a parent.  I love experiencing the excitement and wonder of the season through their little eyes and especially love our children’s reactions when waking up Christmas morning to the treasures they find under the tree.  It seems bigger gifts tend to be easier to figure and collect throughout the year but somehow stockings are forgotten until the very end.  This year, get it done nice and early using our handy dandy list of 30 stocking stuffers for toddlers (bonus - all of these items are under $10 and most are under $5!).


Bubbles - easy fun for any day outside and small enough to pack for day trips 

Stickers - kids love stickers! Craft projects for days from this small but great gift

Jewelry - little girls love to dress up like mommy and jewelry of their own is fun and not breakable

Water wows - great for car, planes and train rides for on the go fun

Dinosaur and animals figurines - so many fun games you can do with these great toys (Check out our blog on fun game ideas with animal figurines)

Chalk - hours of outside and inside fun 

Bath toys - great to entertain during bathtime

Bath bombs - make bathtime fun with cool colors and soaps 

Coloring books - a classic childhood favorite (pairs nicely with crayons, markers or colored pencils too!)

Hats and mittens - useful and always exciting to kids 

Underwear - nothing motivates a soon-to-be potty trained toddler like big kid underwear

Electronic toothbrush - fun to use and promotes healthy teeth (can also include toothpaste too!)

DVD movies - family movie night with their own favorite on disc

Playdoh - hours of indoor entertainment

Toddler slipper socks with grips - everyone loves toasty toes, especially during the winter

Hair accessories - enjoyable for all little girls 

Sunglasses - fun for the sun, car or just looking stylish too 

Nalgene bottles - bottles that look like mommy and daddy’s and are cool enough to take anywhere 

Thermal bottles - perfect for hot cocoa

Squeeze pouches - fill their stocking with their favorite pouches, fruit snacks or even goldfish

Character bandaids - nothing solves the woes of boo-boos like favorite characters on their bandaids 

Balls - great for any age!

Books - who doesn’t love a good story and a tradition of a book each Christmas is an easy one to keep

Child safety scissors - great for practicing fine motor skills

Stuffed animals - something soft to cuddle

Socks - kids love learning to put on clothes and socks are an easy and fun way to teach them

Play phone - be just like mommy and daddy and make important (pretend) calls

Matchbox cars - everyone enjoys racing cars around and these are so small you can fit a bunch in each stocking!


Have some additional stocking stuffer ideas? Feel free to comment below and let us know your favorites!


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