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14 Second Hand Shopping Tips for Toddler Clothes

14 Second Hand Shopping Tips for Toddler Clothes

As parents, we know how expensive clothes shopping for toddlers can be. With how fast they grow, it seems like we are always having to re-stock their closets with new wardrobes. Being a smart shopper, especially for children’s clothes can lead to major savings and shopping secondhand is the best money-saving method possible. Below we have compiled a way to navigate the secondhand children’s clothing market with some must-have tips:

  1. Doing research before can save time and money. If you are looking for specific items or sizes, call your local thrift stores and see what they have in stock before making the trip.
  2. Once you find a store you have consistent luck at, visit as often as you can as they are constantly getting new inventory.
  3. Join all email lists for your local thrift stores and follow on social media. Usually they have huge seasonal markdowns several times a year and by following them, you will have a leg up on great clothing stock up opportunities.
  4. Arrive at the stores as early as you can when they have large sales. You will have first pick of the cutest pieces!
  5. Buy a size up, especially if you have found that certain brands work well for your children. Your kids are always growing!
  6. Inspect the clothes before you buy and always make sure to check zippers, buttons, and “stress points” (knees, elbows, and arms).
  7. Before leaving the house, trace an outline of your child’s foot to take the guesswork out of if the shoes
  8. Thrift stores near wealthy communities may provide more opportunities for finding name brand and high quality items.
  9. Seek out high quality brands. Nicer clothes hold up much better over time!
  10. Don’t ignore clothes be sold bundled together. They can be the best place to get multiple pieces for less, like tights or leggings!
  11. Go in with a plan. Know what you are looking to add to your child’s wardrobe and stick to it to avoid overspending.
  12. Focus on a basic color scheme and simple styles. This will help the whole experience seem less daunting and ensure that the clothes you buy will match with what is already in your child’s closet.
  13. Shop out of season. This is the best way to get the biggest savings!
  14. Last but not least, skip the stores, save your time and even more money by shopping for children’s consignment clothing online at Lilladu Exchange. Not only are all the clothes professionally washed and inspected, a personal stylist does the shopping for you and finds all the name brands your little needs at a fraction of the cost you would spend to do it yourself.


Are we missing any thrifty ideas and tips for shopping at second hand stores for toddlers?? Let us know by commenting below!

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