Lilladu Exchange


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

How does sizing work at Lilladu Exchange?

How much does a Lilladu Exchange Collection cost and what does it include?

How much does a Lilladu Retail Collection cost and what does it include?

How many articles of children's clothing are included in each Lilladu Collection?

What locations can participate in Lilladu Exchange?

What children clothing articles are accepted for exchange?

What clothing articles are NOT acceptable for exchange?

What are the Lilladu Exchange quality standards for acceptable children clothing?

What happens if I send in clothing that does NOT meet the Lilladu quality and standards?

What is the process to send my exchange clothing to Lilladu?

How long do I have to send in my exchange clothing after receiving my Exchange Collection?

What happens if I decide to not go through with exchange after purchasing?

When should I expect to see my Lilladu Collection?

Do I have to send in all the same sizes/genders for exchange?

Can I pick out my own clothing?

What if I don't like the clothing selected by my personal stylist?

How often can I expect to receive a Lilladu Collection?

What if I send in less than 12 pieces for my exchange?

What happens if I send in more than 12 pieces?

What brands and quality of clothing can I expect in my Collection?

What is Lilladu's policy for households that smoke?

What is Lilladu Exchange's refund policy?